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I love film.

To me, film has a soul that digital physically cannot capture.
When shooting digital, a computer is trying to read color and light (among other things) and produce a digital file.
When shooting film, it is a literal chemical reaction that happens between the light, color, and film.
 The deeper I go and the more knowledgeable I get with photography, the more it makes me want to pursue film.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to meet up with Jessica and talk all about film.
She is a film photographer out of Lynchburg who has taught me so much about photography in just the two times I have met her.
This weekend definitely affirmed my desire to pursue that direction of photography.

My love for film didn’t just start this weekend.
Ever since I got my film camera back in April, I have been dying to use it (and get awesome results in the process).

I used it when Bethany and I went to Asheville back in April, but when I got my film back it was all blank.
A little discouraging to have a roll of film from the Biltmore Estate, Blue Ridge Parkway, and my beautiful fiancée ruined.
But alas, I was determined to get some great film shots so about 2 months ago, Bethany and I grabbed cheap film from Walmart and went out to
 downtown Roanoke to try out a couple of her dad’s old film cameras.
When I got the scans back, I was beyond thrilled!
I know that they are not anything too special in a photography sense,
but it did give me a sense of accomplishment knowing that I got such good results.

There is still so much that I need to learn about film and I am absolutely in no way ready to make a jump completely to film.
There are so more things I need to learn about exposure and composition and photography in general before I can think about taking that step.
Who knows. It could be 5 years. It could be 5 months.
But I do know that I want to pursue film photography, and succeed in doing so.
In the mean time enjoy these film scans from Indie Film Lab

(Again, these are my first rolls of film I have had developed, so be nice!! 🙂

Yes. We did see a house fire. Talk about intriguing. 
Even though it’s not super in focus, I still think it’s a great shot!!

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