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July 17, 2014

Victoria + John | West Point Wedding | Aaron Mallory Photography

As a growing photographer, I am always grateful to seasoned professionals who welcome me into the field, encouraging me, giving advice, and sometimes even inviting me into their world- onto the set of one of their beautiful weddings. And so it was a gift when Lauren of Lauren Rogers Photography invited me to tag along for Victoria and John‘s big day. 
Victoria and John are major history buffs and their day reflected their passion to a tee! If it had to rain on their wedding day, the old St. John’s Church in West Point, VA was the perfect backdrop- brimming with character and history! These two had so many special details to their day- flowers by the bride herself, grandma’s heirloom wedding band, and a real-life bagpiper to lead the processional. 
The only hiccup came when, after hours and hours of rain, my car decided to make a home for itself in the mud and Lauren and I couldn’t shove it out (no matter how hard Lauren pushed, or how muddy we got). Needless to say, we rushed to the reception, leaving my car stuck behind for AAA to deal with later. We arrived as the first dance began, adrenaline pumping, and the rest of the night was perfect. Thanks for the invite, Lauren! I am always grateful for the opportunity to learn from you! Enjoy a few of my favorites from the day!

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