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April 3, 2015

Collin | Virginia Senior Photographer | Aaron Mallory Photography

Spring is FINALLY here and it was so good to get outside and shoot some portraits last weekend! 
Collin is a senior and is one of those guys that you can just tell is destined for big things! He is planning to study theater in school, so it was fitting that some of his portraits felt a bit like head-shots. This guy has great style too- I definitely appreciate a guy who can rock yellow pants! We wandered through all of the side streets and back alleyways (and even an old abandoned house) of downtown Waynesboro and it’s really amazing what you can find when you look hard enough. I loved these locations! Thanks for exploring with me, Collin! Best of luck, my friend! 
Our busy season is just getting started and this was such a fun way to break in a new toy. That’s right, we finally took the leap and upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark III this spring! Hurray! 
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