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March 27, 2017

Waynesboro Coffee Shop Engagement Session | Jon + Ash

It’s kind of special when your high school English teacher becomes a friend and asks you to photograph a really exciting season for her- and that is the case for Jon and Ash! Ash (or Ms. White) taught high-school Aaron and I think it probably warms her heart to see how far he’s come from the guy who refused to turn in his homework to a small business owner (times two!) 🙂 🙂 (And now I’m feeling UBER self-conscious about the grammar in this post… yikes!) The other day someone described Ash as the “Lorelei Gilmore” of Staunton and I don’t know how she’ll feel about that comparison but I see it as a major accolade! She’s the gal that knows everyone in town and after years of friendship Jon finally won her heart! (Way to go, friend!)

Jon and Ash wanted a session that felt like them- relaxed, fun, and full of quirks. So we met up at our shop on a Sunday to drink lattes and play scrabble and sing songs. It was the best. And such a good way to get to know these two and see their relationship up close and personal before the big day! Jon and Ash are going to have the MOST fun saying “I do” this summer in Pennsylvania and we are seriously honored to capture it.

Jon + Ash, here are a few of our favorites from our time together! Thanks for inviting us to be part of this season! You guys are going to be unstoppable together!


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  1. Ash White says:

    Aw, what a sweet entry. i love this, and YES i’m very proud of aaron and his success (which I attribute to his very intelligent choice for a wife…xo)

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