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February 2, 2018

For the Bride Series | Florals

(Amanda Burnette Florals)

(PSA: This is already my favorite blog post of all time!! Enjoy!)

One of our FAVORITE details on a wedding day are your FLORALS! They tell the world so much about you as a couple and add such texture and personality to your photos! What colors do you choose? Do you want your day to feel more timeless or fun and modern? Are you going for a monochromatic vibe with a lot of texture or a pop of your favorite colors against that gorgeous white dress? Are you choosing classic flowers or something unusual based on your interests or a unique part of your story? There is no right or wrong and that’s the fun of it all!

Thinking back on our own wedding day three years ago, I remember how much planning goes into each part of the day! We want you to get the absolute most out of the details you spend time, effort, and MONEY on so let’s work together to highlight your florals ALL. DAY. LONG- not just as you carry/wear them down the aisle. We all know flowers don’t last forever, so let’s immortalize them in your photos! Plus your florist will thank you (and us) for beautiful images of their hard work.

Here are 5 suggestions we learned from our own wedding and 4+ years of experience:

(J. Morris Flowers)

(One Sweet Day in May)

(Photosynthesis Floral Design)

(Hedge Fine Blooms)

(Amanda Veronee)


You’ve hired a team of vendors to make this day everything you dreamed of- don’t be afraid to give everyone the same timeline so they can work together to make your day run as smooth as molasses.

(One Sweet Day in May

(Photosynthesis Floral Designs)

(Amanda Veronee)

(Willow Branch Florals)

Ask your florist to deliver your florals to the venue by the time your photographers are scheduled to arrive. This allows for beautiful detail shots of those bouquets and boutonnieres that can stand alone as art on the walls of your home and will help build beautiful spreads in your custom album. It also saves precious time when we don’t have to re-shoot things later because we were missing key details early in the day.

We will deliver the boutonnieres to the boys when we see them for their own prep photos and I’m happy to pin bouts in place of a planner or florist, so no worries there.

These details truly set the tone for the rest of the day and give us a chance to tell the story of your day in a deeper way.

(Amanda Burnette Florals)


What if you don’t have the biggest floral budget? How can you stretch what you do have? What do we think are the necessary floral elements?

(Amanda Burnette Florals)

Splurge on YOUR bouquet. Your bridesmaids are there to make YOU shine and there is nothing wrong with giving them a generous bouquet of greenery while you carry that lush floral bunch you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl. Want those gorgeous garden roses or beautiful peonies? Include them in your bouquet and no where else. RIBBONS are a quick and easy way to make your bouquet feel high-end and expensive while tying in your wedding colors.

Let your florals do double duty for you on your day. Repurpose aisle decor for table settings or put your bridesmaids bouquets on the head table and/or cake table (just make sure this happens before we take those reception shots during cocktail hour).

Greenery is ALWAYS a good choice! It’s less expensive than some other florals and can go a long way to fill your arrangements or make the tables feel luxurious. Greenery is gorgeous for arbors, his + hers chairs, table tops, aisle runners, and more! Some of my personal favorites (some even pictured in this post) are: Italian Ruscus, Ferns, Willow Eucalyptus, and Magnolia.

(Willow Branch Florals)


This one is huge: Ask your florist if they can include some extra blooms and greenery with your order. They will typically have some stems left over that work perfectly for styling those gorgeous invitation lay flats. The more we have to work with, the more creative we get to be. This ties those gorgeous portraits in with the shots of your invitation suite so that your gallery (and album) flows seamlessly AND it adds so much visual interest!

The more we have to work with, the more creative we get to be!

(Willow Branch Florals)

(Foraged by me)

(J. Morris Flowers)

(Amanda Veronee)


Make sure bouquets are ready to go for their close ups- all wrapped up and tied with their ribbons. Floral tape does not photograph well 🙂

(Hedge Fine BloomsAmanda VeroneeAmanda Burnette Florals)


Make a Pinterest board of your favorite looks and share it with your florist to start curating a look unique to you and your day. You will be amazed at the unique greenery and one-of-a-kind flowers you never knew existed until you start exploring. But remember that your florist is an ARTIST and we highly support giving them the freedom to create once you’ve shared your vision with them.

(Amanda Burnette Florals)

(Amanda Veronee)

(J. Morris Flowers)

Wasn’t that fun?? Questions? Shoot us a comment or email! We’d love to help as you continue to plan your one-of-a-kind day! Interested in chatting about Aaron and I joining your wedding day vendor team? We would LOVE that! Click “Contact Us” at the top of the page!!



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    What a fun post!! So much great tips to keep in mind, and the photos are gorgeous (of course!).

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