It’s kind of special when your high school English teacher becomes a friend and asks you to photograph a really exciting season for her- and that is the case for Jon and Ash! Ash (or Ms. White) taught high-school Aaron and I think it probably warms her heart to see how far he’s come from the guy who […]

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Waynesboro Coffee Shop Engagement Session | Jon + Ash

Y’all when I say it’s been a crazy fall I am not joking!! We had four portrait sessions the week of Tristan and Katie’s Sky Meadows State Park engagement session… on top of opening the Farmhaus and basically doing the bare minimum to stay alive (resulting in epic late nights running two businesses, not eating a […]

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Sky Meadows State Park Engagement Session | Tristan + Katie

The first time we met Hunter and Sarah we immediately clicked and felt like old friends sharing lattes and pie at The Pie Chest. We met them for an engagement session at Wintergreen on the most beautiful fall afternoon and absolutely loved our time exploring the woods, chasing the light, and ultimately watching the sunset from […]

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Wintergreen Engagement Session | Hunter + Sarah

Lexington, Virginia is a photographer’s dream. There is a sweet little downtown area, beautiful college campuses (that’s right, more than one), historic areas, and beautiful mountain views only a few miles outside of town. We could shoot there again and again and never get bored! So when Jake and Ann asked if we’d come to their […]

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Lexington, Virginia Engagement Session | Jake + Ann





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