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December 8, 2014

Mills Family | Louisa, Virginia Family Photographer | Aaron Mallory Photography

Remember these guys from a few weeks ago?? In one month, we got to photograph the Copland gang with both sides of the family- Andy’s parents AND Anne’s family! We’re getting some major quality time with these friends this season! 
This time we got to hang out at Anne’s parents home in Louisa with her parents, her sister, Beth, Beth’s two kiddos, and Anne’s Nana. Rowan and her cousin Hayden are two-and-a-half-year-old best buddies and those girls have energy to say the least. We walked through the grass, ran around the yard, and played ring-around-the-rosie.  
We attribute ao much of our business growth to Anne and her family. When we photographed the Copland family last November we never imagined we’d get to meet as many families as we have over the past year. It’s our dream to not only photograph families at a glance and make a living, but really get to KNOW our clients- become real life friends with these fantastic people. I think these photographs reflect that dream. Real life photographs. Photographs of real life.
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  1. Barbara Kay says:

    Aaron, such beautiful photos !! This family must be thrilled – I would be !!!

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