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We are dreamers.

Once upon a time we dreamed about getting married. Today we dream about living an adventurous life. We dream of what one day will look like for us and in a lot of ways one day is here. We dreamed about running a business together as a husband and wife and it’s so neat to see a dream that has been in the works for so long finally start to come into being. What started as me (Aaron) shooting a couple of weddings and a lot more families with a super cool girlfriend (Bethany) at my side, quickly turned us consistently shooting together and turning our business into something that we are really proud of today.

Just before our wedding, we started talking and dreaming of what it would look like to turn this business into a husband and wife team but we didn’t know what those nitty gritty details would look like. Who would do what? How would we make sure we were both heard and both felt in the heart of this endeavor? How would we balance this brand new marriage with running a business together? What would we even call this business of ours? Well, we’ve been married for almost 8 months now and we are still figuring out a lot of those answers. We are moving forward with this new adventure in full acceptance that we will be living life by trial and error for a while and we’ll take all the help we can get. (If you’re running a husband-wife team, consider this your invitation for a double date on us. We’d love to pick your brain. Please..?)

But in the meantime, we do have one little answer and we wanted to share it with you all first!! We are very excited to share with all of you our brand new business name. As of Monday, May 18th we will officially be operating as… 


We were finding that we were doing our business a huge disservice by only marketing under the name “Aaron Mallory Photography”. Using AMP insinuated that 1. I am a guy (which is true, but was fairly uncommon in our industry and didn’t appeal to as many brides) and 2. I work solo. We found that Bethany is by far my better side and that she really excels at connecting with our couples and our families- so why not choose a name that really shows off our “togetherness”! Why not let couples know up front that we are a team- a husband and wife team- since that was so attractive to us as we searched for our own wedding photographers (and ultimately chose Michael and Carina for that very reason- among many others)! 

We have been working with the super talented Amy Webber of Sincerely, Amy Designs to develop a new logo that really captures the simple elegance of our brand. She has absolutely blown us away with her talent (not to mention the heart she puts into her work and the friendship we’ve built over the past several months) and we cannot wait to share our brand new logo in a few short weeks! (Go follow her ASAP! You’ll love her!)

We will be launching our entire brand with a new website and blog mid-summer. But until then, stay connected by “liking” our Facebook page, following our Instagram feeds @aaronmalloryphoto and @bethany_mallory, and subscribing to our blog to see our latest work.

We are grateful for all of you who have encouraged our marriage, supported our business, given us advice, listened to our ideas and dreams, and of course all of our sweet clients who make this whole thing possible. God has blessed us with a gift- and to us it’s not just about making beautiful portraits. It’s about creating meaningful relationships and capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments.

We are grateful.

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