YDI | Highland County, Virginia | Nick + Rebecca Wedding Photos | The Mallorys


When we got to the sweet little camp where Nick and Rebecca were going to say their vows it was raining buckets. Once we parked and I pulled on my bright red Hunters, the rain slowed a bit. Nick was one of the first faces we saw and you could tell right away that he was completely unfazed by the rain. Today was the day he FINALLY got to marry the love of his life and nothing was going to put a damper on that (“finally” was a little bit of a theme for the day). We walked up to the loft where Rebecca was starting to get ready and she had the exact same expression- complete and utter joy. She didn’t care what the weather was doing, today wasn’t about anything but the life she and Nick were about to begin together. 
The rain finally stopped and the sun even peeked out… they say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day, so these two got the good luck AND the blue skies! It was sweet to be surrounded by so many people that genuinely could not wait to watch these two become one. Nick and Rebecca have loved each other for over five years now (since middle school, y’all!) and they could not have been more ready for this day to come. 
They did things exactly the way they wanted them- no fuss and LOTS of personality. They had a first corn hole game instead of a first dance (very competitive- with corn hole boards handmade by the groom and corn hole bags handmade by the bride) and an ice cream sundae bar with all the toppings instead of cake. Love it! 
Nick and Rebecca, we wish the two of you nothing but happiness and joy! We think married life is going to suit the two of you beautifully 🙂 Enjoy a few of our favorites from your special day!  
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