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September 22, 2015

North Carolina: Bluff Mountain Wedding | John + Erin

Have you ever been on a mountain top with the people you love most in the world? Have you ever seen a rainbow cross the sky right after witnessing your loved ones commit to forever? Have you ever watched the rain clear just in time for the celebration to begin? That was our story for John and Erin’s wedding a few weeks ago. 
There is something special about the mountains of North Carolina. The fog sits on them uniquely and the roads wind around them in a specific way and Bluff Mountain was no different. I (Bethany) have grown up visiting these mountains since half of my family lives in them so it felt like a homecoming for me, especially in the crisp air of the start of fall. I’ve known John my whole life since he’s my mom’s brother and Erin is the absolute sweetest gal he could’ve ever chosen to marry. We all adore her. Aaron and I were honored when they asked us to not only capture their day, but to celebrate with them. 
John and Erin chose the most beautiful ways to celebrate. They asked their guests to stand in a big circle, united, as they promised to love each other for the rest of their lives. They passed their rings all the way around so that each of their friends and family could offer a blessing over them. Erin’s one-of-a-kind ring is made of praseolite- a type of green quartz.- by a local jeweler and John’s is surrounded by trout- he’s been an outstanding fisherman as long as I’ve known him. The two of them poured themselves into planning a night to remember for their friends and family. It was so evident in everything they did that their goal was to love their loved ones and give them a good time. 
John + Erin (Uncle John and Aunt Erin)- thank you for choosing us! Thank you for loving us and sharing your day with us! It was beautiful and fun and we are so glad we get to call you family. Enjoy some of our favorites from your mountain top day! 
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