Hermitage Hills Farm and Stables: Waynesboro, Virginia | Holly + Ben


The other night Aaron and I went over to his parent’s house and his sweet mama decided to break out the high school year book. Aaron went to a small Christian high school in Staunton, Virginia so his year book held every student- Kindergarten through 12th grade. My sweet hubby was all over those pages playing soccer and baseball, hanging out with his high school buddies, and winning the “Best Dancer” superlative– if you’re a past bride or groom you probably saw him bring his dance moves onto the dance floor at your reception 🙂 
When you graduate with a class of 22 you tend to get to know everyone pretty well. So it was super special when Ben and Holly contacted us about photographing their special day. Ben and Holly BOTH graduated with Aaron. That’s right, these two said their vows just weeks after celebrating SEVEN years together!! When you start loving someone at age 15, share friends, and have families that love each other, you know the day is going to be special. 
 Ben and Holly were poster children for First Looks. When we first starting talking about the timeline for their day they weren’t sure about the idea of seeing each other before the ceremony. This is a self-proclaimed “traditional” couple, so they were nervous about this new tradition. But when you have a winter wedding and the sun sets at 5:00 you have to get creative. When Ben saw Holly for the first time he was stunned. His jaw hit the ground and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. We loved hearing him exclaim over and over again, “You look so great!” It was the sweetest moment and it was private.  I love that when a couple chooses a first look, they get ALONE time. Probably the only alone time they’ll get for the whole day. And it’s precious time.  
The day was full of big emotions, huge smiles, beautiful moments, and of course lots of happy tears. It was fun seeing these two loved and celebrated by their friends and families who have been cheering them on and praying for them for the past seven years. Beautiful. 
Ben + Holly, we are so thrilled for you guys! Your day was gorgeous and we were so honored to not only be invited as friends and guests, but to capture your day. Enjoy some of our favorites from your stunning winter wedding!
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Planning + Coordination | The Faded Poppy
Wedding Dress | Reflections Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses | White Dress by Greta Kay
Catering | Frederick Street Cafe
Wedding Cake | Bazzle’s Bakery
Invitations | Jillian Goldstein
Florals | The Faded Poppy
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