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January 14, 2016

Private Residence: Waynesboro, Virginia: Ben + Holly’s Engagement Session

You probably recognize this cute couple because we’re doing things a little backwards with them. We got to catch up with Ben and Holly for a simple engagement session on New Years Eve and they said their vows two days later! So Monday’s blog post was their gorgeous winter wedding, and today is their sweet engagement session.
Click HERE to see their beautiful wedding post.  
There is a comfortable quality to these portraits that we don’t always find in our images after an engagement session. We love our couples, so we do our best to make them feel at home with us. Nothing too staged, lots of conversation, plenty of direction so they don’t feel uncomfortable. But still, there is a major shift when a couple has been together for 2-3 years before their e-session and when they’ve just celebrated their SEVEN year anniversary. Holly and Ben fit in each others arms so perfectly, nothing could have been more natural. 
Ben is an actor with a huge heart, so it was fun to see the lengths he was willing to go to get his bride-to-be to laugh (not that it was hard, she knows he’s hilarious). As we wandered around this beautiful property, we could feel the excitement building. We got to spend some of the last moments of 2015 with these two as an engaged couple. In just a few days they knew that they’d be waking up in a brand new year as husband and wife. This was a New Years Eve to remember! 
Ben and Holly, we have given you a lot of portraits over the past week, but we hope you love them! We hope they fill the walls of your new home and remind you daily of the one you love. Thank you for sharing your sweet relationship with us and allowing us to capture your love. We think you two are great and wish you the BEST in this new adventure!
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