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March 15, 2016

Downtown Mall: Charlottesville, Virginia | Jackie + Kyle

Jackie and Kyle met at the University of Virginia so even though they’re living in Pennsylvania and Ohio now, they opted to do their engagement session in the town where they found each other.

It was a grey day and we worried that we’d get rained out, but we decided to press on with the shoot and it couldn’t have been a more lovely time. These two are doing the long-distance engagement thing, so any chance to be in each others arms is a precious gift. I told them that they flirted perfectly and it was true! Kyle would whisper words only Jackie could hear and her face would light up. They spent the afternoon bent toward each other laughing and sharing romantic quiet moments. We wandered around the Downtown Mall lingering along the way to let Jackie embrace Kyle or Kyle twirl Jackie. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other and those are the best sessions. We are always honored to be given such an intimate look at the love a couple has for each other.

Spring has just started to show it’s face so not only did we have bright colored doors and fun brick walls and twinkle lights, but we had BLOOMS! Oh spring, we’ve missed you! Welcome back, buddy!

Kyle and Jackie, we loved meeting you in person. Thank you for sharing the afternoon with us! Enjoy some of our favorites from your shoot!!


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