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March 24, 2016

Juneau, Alaska: Personal | The Mallorys (Part 3: Eagle Beach)


I know this blog was technically created for our business. To market our work and show off our beautiful clients. But it’s also a journal of our life together. It’s a place to keep track of our adventures and capture our own memories. Capturing moments in time for our clients is what fuels us, but capturing our own fleeting moments is just as important. This space isn’t just here to give you a taste of what we do, it also gives all of you a glimpse of who we really are. Our goal is to be as authentic as possible while we work, but these words and stories and images give an extra special behind-the-scenes look at The Mallorys. We get the chance to share our hearts and our passions- to share the “why” behind what we do. I might not write a post specifically about why traveling is important to us, but when you read these words and see these pictures you’ll know. You’ll see the joy and get a sense of the excitement. No, these pictures aren’t perfectly timed or exceptionally posed or impeccably exposed, but they’re real and they’re ours. So enjoy another installment of our Alaskan adventure.

I read an article this week about the 15 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About Juneau, Alaska and it was amazing because before I visited I wouldn’t have known a single one of these facts. If you spend two and a half weeks in a place, you probably get to see a lot of the sights, try some of the favorite restaurants, figure out the way to and from your hotel. Spend two and a half weeks in Juneau and you try ALL the coffee shops, see the sights TWICE, drive almost ALL 45 miles of roadway, and see every weather pattern they offer. To say Alaska is a big state is the understatement of the century, but Juneau is another story. Spending seventeen days in this town brought a whole new meaning to the term “small town living”. Need an example? The guy I sat next to on the plane from Seattle to Juneau was the same guy my friends had just bought their mini-van from. The girls sitting across from me waiting to board were also in my college roommate’s youth group at church.

Juneau might technically have 10,000 more residents than our own little Waynesboro, but there are no surrounding towns. No, you can’t drive over the mountain to go shopping in Charlottesville or get coffee in neighboring Staunton. You can’t go to the movies in Harrisonburg or take a day trip to see your family a few hours down the highway. Because there are only two ways in or out of Juneau- by boat or by plane. What you might miss in fast food options, clothing stores, and road trips you can easily make up with bald eagles on every light pole, snow capped mountains on every horizon, and glaciers (that’s right… more than one).

These photos are from Eagle Beach- easily one of my top 5 Juneau experiences. Enjoy!



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