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September 8, 2016

Ash Lawn-Highland: Charlottesville, Virginia | Sarah + Jonathan


It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog over the past few weeks and for a bunch of good reasons! Some are still secrets (can’t wait to share!!!), but the biggest reason is that we took the month of August OFF! It wasn’t so much an intentional choice but we realized every.single.weekend what a gift it was. We traveled (planning to blog those sweet Duxbury photos as soon as I can), we relaxed, we spent time with friends, we worked on house projects (and started new ones… of course). It was a good month and by the time we got to the end we were more than ready to get back behind the camera!

We met Sarah and Jonathan at Ash Lawn-Highland (the home of James Monroe) in Charlottesville on the most beautiful summer evening. We’d never been to Highland before and we couldn’t believe it’s beauty. Beautiful gardens, breathtaking views, historic buildings, and the most idyllic garden pathways you’ve ever seen. I think we could photograph a hundred sessions here and no two would look the same! A photographers dream! The light was perfectly romantic as we explored and we used every ounce we were given.

Sarah and Jonathan met basically as soon as they got to UVA as first years (I almost typed “freshmen”, but I caught myself!!). According to Jonathan he was interested right away but it took Sarah a little while to warm up to the idea. But once she did they were both hooked and we can’t wait to celebrate them next June at Panorama Farms. Sarah + Jonathan, enjoy some of our favorites from your beautiful session! (And check your inbox later today for the full gallery!!) You guys are so fun and so sweet together and we are honored to capture this part of your story!

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