The Mills clan has now officially become our most-photographed family and we love them for it. We got to capture their whole family last fall but we were missing an important member– Beth’s husband Vikram was working long-term in China (!!!). Since their little family lives in California, we weren’t sure we’d get the chance […]

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Mills Family | Virginia Family Photographers | The Mallorys

Yesterday Aaron and I hit the 8-months-of-marriage mark. Those last 8 months have literally flown by! We celebrated with Crozet pizza and beer (Bold Rock cider for me)… okay so maybe it was just going out to dinner because we were hungry and it had been a long day, but we can pretend it was […]

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Allison + Albert | Virginia Engagement Photographer | The Mallorys

We took a little road trip to Graves Mountain Lodge to meet up with Kelly and Jonathan for their engagement session last weekend. It was the most beautiful evening for a session. We wandered all over the lodge’s gorgeous property– across the bridge, down by the creek, through the field of buttercups, and finished up […]

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Kelly + Jonathan | Virginia Wedding Photographer | The Mallorys

I got to watch little Davis’ momma carry her for the past several months so it was extra special to get to meet her and capture her little life when she was only 8-days-new. This little girl already has a personality and it’s even more fun to watch her big sister, Austin, ooh and ahh over […]

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Koshansky Family | Virginia Family Photographer | Aaron Mallory Photography

We are dreamers. Once upon a time we dreamed about getting married. Today we dream about living an adventurous life. We dream of what one day will look like for us and in a lot of ways one day is here. We dreamed about running a business together as a husband and wife and it’s so neat to […]

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A New Day | Personal | Aaron Mallory Photography

High school sweethearts are some of my favorite couples because they’ve already stood the test of time. Their relationship has already proven itself and these two people have already chosen to love each other “for better or for worse”. (Because let’s be honest- who doesn’t have some “worse” times in high school!)  Lydia and Chase’s […]

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Lydia + Chase | Virginia Engagement Photographer | Aaron Mallory Photography

I am not a morning person. I’ll take a late night over an early morning any day. Aaron’s day job involves early rising so he catches several sunrises a week. I usually tell him to drive safely, say goodbye, and roll over for a few more hours of sleep. So when Logan Powell of Real […]

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Chelsea + Jeremiah | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Aaron Mallory Photography

When Sterling asked if we would be available to take her senior photos we were really excited. Aaron has been given the opportunity to shoot a few senior guys this year and he’s so good at it that I usually let him fly solo on those, but we haven’t had the opportunity to photograph a […]

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Sterling | Virginia Senior Photographer | Aaron Mallory Photography

Elizabeth and Carson have one of those stories. The kind where they were probably in the same place at the same time again and again for years, but their paths only crossed when the timing was just right. Their relationship began under a Fourth of July sky filled with fireworks and that’s kind of perfect […]

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Elizabeth + Carson | Staunton Engagement Photographer | Aaron Mallory Photography

Aaron and I get over-the-moon excited when we get an inquiry of any kind- but when we hear that another fantastic photographer has referred a couple to us, we reach a whole new level of excited. And that’s exactly how our story with Whitney and Drew began (Andrea Pesce we really do love you!!). We […]

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Whitney + Drew | Virginia Wedding Photographers | Aaron Mallory Photography





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